Rev John Butterfield letter to accompany March 2015 preaching plan

Dear Friends,

As the bulbs peep through the ground we can begin to believe that spring is not far away.

This preaching plan for March to May covers the important Christian festivals of Easter, Pentecost and Trinity. Every year we are reminded of these central parts of the Christian story.

  • Easter reminds us of the last days of Jesus’ earthly life and the new beginning that came with resurrection.
  • Pentecost celebrates the gift of the Holy Spirit to the church which brought power, guidance and encouragement to the early Christians who were trying to understand the risen Lord.
  • And Trinity Sunday is an opportunity to reflect on the mysterious nature of God experienced as creator, redeemer and sustainer but united as one God. Trinity builds on the insights we learnt from Christmas when we focussed on the wonder of the Divine becoming a human being.

In this way the Christian festivals keep us grounded in the fundamentals of faith.

We are in a period of transition and change for the circuit in various ways and different places. In a period of uncertainty these dates in the Christian calendar are more important than ever to help us keep in mind what is really important and why we are here. Please support our preachers in prayer as they lead us again through these key events in the Christian story.

I will only be working in the circuit for part of this current plan as I am on Sabbatical from Easter Monday until the 6th of July. I have arranged a programme for this three month period – please ask if you want to know more. I am very grateful that the Methodist church builds such a scheme into the system for its ministers.

All good wishes


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