Preachers and worship – letter from Nick Feb 17

Dear Friends

It is always a challenge making the Quarterly Plan and this time we very much have felt the loss of David Cowling. David’s commitment to his Lord was immense and one of the things that flowed from that was his commitment to Preaching. I am grateful to David and all the preachers for their commitment and David was overjoyed that he could witness Beryl joining the ranks of Preachers. I am also very appreciative of congregations who are willing to be flexible, try new things and share the load. On Sundays we gather to worship. That is an absolute fundamental expression of our shared faith. At different times of year this expression is shaped in particular ways. In this coming quarter we travel through Lent, Holy Week and the Easter season.

We recall Jesus’s journey to the cross and the grace of God revealed in the resurrection. Jesus is not deflected from his course by challenging the injustice in the world and nor should we be. The refugee policy instituted by the US government is wrong. And many places in the UK have been demonstrating this by opening their doors to refugees. Of course there are plenty of challenges in the UK such as the lack of support in connection with Mental Health or affordable housing. There is still much work to be done in Mr Wesley’s Parish. Our worship is informed by this and strengthens/challenges/encourages us to keep on engaging in our society striving for justice even when this comes at great personal cost. We can so easily be dragged into questions of how do we fill the plan, how do we find people to do this, that or the other job, how do we keep going? Whilst necessary questions, they are secondary to our calling and purpose as Christians. Whatever you do in Lent, do something!

With love


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