Pastoral letter from Nick – Colossians

Dear Friends

“To the saints and faithful brothers and sisters in Christ in Colossae: Grace to you and peace from God our Father.”  So writes Paul at the beginning of his letter to the Christian community in Colossae.    Paul’s reference to “in Christ” points us toward the relationship we have with/in Christ and is an important theme in the letter.

As we enter into Bible Month (remember Jonah last year), there is an opportunity for us to reflect across the circuit and as part of the wider church on a particular “book” of the Bible.

With all the conversations we are having about our resources and our relationships it is good to take some time to reflect together on scripture.  As we have these conversations across church, circuit, District, Connexion, ecumenically what does it mean to be “in Christ”?  As we move through the letter to the Colossians, we will explore this including what we might regard today as some of Paul’s more controversial words. For example, whilst I might want to point to the phrase “children, obey your parents in everything”, I suspect my children may have a different perspective!

Towards the end of the letter Paul does encourage the community to “devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with thanksgiving”.  As a means of remaining in Christ I think this is wise advice and words I shall endeavour to take to heart as I ready myself for conference and continue to engage in all sorts of conversations we are having across the circuit. Please give thanks and pray for the preachers as they lead us through Bible month and don’t forget this summer to give thanks for the beautiful world around us by enjoying a walk, a break, a breath of fresh air, a visit, a friend, a neighbour, or sharing in the circuit barbeque (17thAugust, Arbroath)

“Grace be with you”


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