Musings from The Manse 13 December 2020

Sometimes we are faced with news that will change our lives, the illness or death of a friend or loved one, the announcement of a birth, engagement or marriage. The news that a worldwide pandemic has been declared, or that we face a no deal Brexit.

Thoughts of how the news has changed our lives so much this year set me thinking about how Mary must have handled her very particular news one evening. Her news changed her life, and her fiancée’s.

For people who were so important in the bible we know very little about Jesus’ parents.  They are not mentioned much in the bible; indeed Joseph is not mentioned by name after returning from Egypt and is mentioned only at the events of the 12 year old Jesus at the temple. Many scholars therefore assume that he died before Jesus started his ministry. 

Mary is one of the most important women in history but is only actually mentioned 16 times and some of those are pretty scant. Most of what we think we know about Mary came a long, long time after she lived.

It seems odd to us now that people who were absolutely vital to the life of the most famous person on earth are almost complete unknowns, but until a visit from Gabriel they were just not that important, so nobody was keeping notes. But that news changed everything.

The news of Jesus coming changed their lives and this advent it’s still changing lives, but is it still changing us? Jesus coming changes lives, it brings us closer to God and it brings us salvation. Because of Jesus coming, we have love and life and eternal connection with God.

So whether we are receiving the news of the coming of Christ for the first time, or the millionth, don’t be afraid to let it change you, Take some time out from the business and the excitement and just hear the good news again because it brings us hope and love this Christmas, and right now that’s just what we need. 

Rev Nik Wooller

13th December 2020

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