Events archive

Mar 15, 7.00 pm Dundee Methodist Church Circuit Meeting
Mar 8, 7.00 pm Dundee Preachers’ Meeting
Mar 6 Perth Perth Church Council
Feb 21, 2.00 pm Dundee Circuit Leadership Team
Feb 8, 7.00 pm Dundee Dundee Church Council
Feb 6, 2.00 pm Knox’s Church Hall, Montrose Montrose Church Council
Dec 18, 10.45 am Ashgrove Court, Blairgowrie Blairgowrie Carol Service
Dec 12 Park Hotel, Montrose Montrose Christmas Lunch
Dec 7, 7.00 pm Dundee Preachers Meeting
Dec 5, 7.30 pm Perth Church Council
Nov 12 Dundee Listening and Pastoral Care
Sep 29, 2.30pm (note changed date) Dundee Worship Consultation
Sep 28, 7pm Dundee Church Council
Sep 17-18 Dundee Dundee Open Doors Weekend
Sep 15, 7pm Dundee Circuit Meeting
Sep 10 Inverness Synod
Sep 7, 7pm Dundee Preachers Meeting
Sep 6, 2pm Dundee Circuit Leadership Team/Circuit Invitation Committee
Sep 3, 10am to 3pm Perth Craft fayre
Aug 20, 2pm Arbroath, Victoria Park Arbroath barbecue
Jul 24, 6 pm Perth Perth Holiday Club Celebration
Jul 16, 2-4pm Perth Perth Strawberry Tea
Jul 2-7 Methodist Conference
Jun 25 Arbroath Arbroath Summer Fayre
Jun 21, 2 pm Circuit Leadership Team
Jun 19 Perth Perth Church Family Festival
Jun 17-19 Solas Festival
Jun 14, 6 pm Dundee manse Preachers Meeting
Jun 9, 7 pm Blairgowrie Blairgowrie Church Council and General Church Meeting
Jun 6 Perth Perth Church Council
Jun 5 Dundee Dundee General Church Meeting
May 10, 10.30am Dundee Link Club AGM
May 5, 7pm Dundee Dundee Worship Group
Apr 23 Dundee Scotland District Synod, Representative Session
Apr 22 Arbroath Scotland District Synod, Ministerial Session
Apr 17 Perth Perth General Church Meeting
Mar 27, 6pm Perth Easter Sunday – Circuit Service
Mar 25 Congregational Church, Dundee Good Friday – United Service
Mar 12 District Policy Committee
Mar 9, 7 pm Dundee Circuit Meeting
Mar 8 Arbroath Arbroath Church Council
Mar 7 Perth Perth Church Council
Feb 27, 2pm – 4pm Arbroath Heritage and Mission, led by Dr Jill Barber, Vice-president of Conference. All welcome.
Feb 25, 7 pm Dundee Preachers Meeting
Feb 23, 7pm Dundee Circuit Leadership Team
Feb 9, 7pm Dundee Church Council
Dec 25, 10.30am Dundee Christmas Day Service
Dec 25, 10am Perth Christmas Day United Service, Perth Congregational Church
Dec 24, 6pm Arbroath Carol Service
Dec 20 Blairgowrie Carol Service
Dec 15 Dundee Link Club Christmas party and Service
Dec 13 Perth Christmas Lunch
Dec 8 Perth Preachers’ Meeting
Dec 7 Perth Church Council
Dec 5, 10am to 12 noon Manse Circuit Coffee Morning
Nov 28 Perth Perth Christmas Fair
Nov 21 Strathclyde Circuit Synod
Nov 11, 7pm Dundee Circuit Meeting
Nov 4, 7pm Dundee Dundee Pastoral Committee
Oct 8, 7pm Dundee Worship Consultation
Oct 3, 10-2.00pm Perth Craft Fair
Oct 1, 7pm Dundee Dundee Church Council
Sept 22, 7pm Dundee Circuit Meeting
Sept 21 Montrose Montrose Church Council
Sept 21 Perth Perth Church Council
Sept 19-20 Dundee Doors Open Weekend
Sept 2, 6.30pm Dundee Welcome Service for Rev Nick Baker